Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite review: Lite, But Not A Lightweight

We had high hopes for Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 8 Guru, but sadly the device suffered from some grammatical mistakes. We are trusting the more affordable Mi 8 Lite will not suffer the identical fate. Read our complete Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite review to learn!
If you despise notches with a fire, this likely is not the phone for you. If you merely see them only mildly bothersome, then a”conceal elite” alternative can darken the display around the top notch and make it look like a much more customary status bar. If like me, you do not care 1 way or another, the elite is fine. The display is all but edge-to-edge along with the bezels are little, but there’s a small chin.
The device has a glass with an aluminum framework behaving like the filling. The glass on the trunk may be fingerprint magnet, or more exactly a smear magnet, but this is basically normal now. It is rather slippery, also. It slipped off my desk a few days once I place it along with another thing. On the trunk, you’ll also discover the fingerprint reader, two camera lenses, along with an LED flash.
At the bottom edge of the device, there’s a USB Type-C connector and double speaker grills. Regrettably there’s just a single speaker along with another grill is simply for aesthetics. The sound is loud, but to my untrained ear, this sounds strained at the maximum volume levels. I found it more comfortable to simply dial the volume back somewhat and that enhanced the clarity.
I did not mention a headset jack, since it doesn’t possess you. Do not get me started about this, however it might be well worth reading about how Bluetooth headphones are dreadful. The only slightly redeeming issue is that the dongle from the box. Also from the box there’s a charger, a cable to your charger, and a ion case. It’s a good enough weapon, but nothing outstanding. The brightness is particularly great for indoor use, but you might struggle to see it in direct sunshine. This really is an LCD panel, hence the blacks are not as heavy as a AMOLED panel, which you’ll be able to see when you flip on the”conceal elite” feature. There’s a gap between the black to the notch when compared with the black on your board.
There’s not any physical house button, so onscreen navigation is the order of the evening. Beneath the Contrast and Colors settings you are able to switch between different colour temperature: Default, Cool and Warm; or alternative contrast levels: Automatic, Improved, and Standard.
Total the display is average, but not a negative thing.
Computer software
The Mi 8 Lite includes Android 8.1 Oreo through MIUI 10. MIUI is Xiaomi’s custom Android firmware including plenty of features unavailable in Android. These include full-screen gestures, for UI navigation; Mi Drop, for wireless file transfers; Double Apps, and that means that you may use a program with two account; Secondly Space, which lets you use unique passcodes or fingerprints to get distinct profiles; a much better recent programs menu; and a lot of UI tweaks and redesigns. Aside from different themes and icons, the most obvious distinction is the absence of an program drawer.
Whilst MIUI offers quite a great deal of customization in contrast to inventory Android, you nevertheless get to all of Google’s services such as Play Store, Chrome, and YouTube. You also receive access to the Google Assistant by pressing the house key. For 3D intensive gaming, there’s the Adreno 512 GPU. To get a mid-range processor, albeit one in the top end of this mid-range, the operation of this Snapdragon 660 is astonishingly excellent. The Mi 8 Lite handled a period of 3:00 through its stride Test G head-to-head with all the Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018).
The Snapdragon 660 also includes a built in Qualcomm X12 LTE modem that supports 2G, 3G and 4G, together with LTE download rates reaching 600Mbps. The Mi 8 Lite couples that the Snapdragon using 4GB of RAM (6GB on several versions ), 64GB of internal storage (128GB versions available) along with a microSD card slot.
For people who like regular amounts, the Mi 8 Lite scored 1629 on Geekbench’s single-core evaluations and 5898 on its own multi-core tests. That places in into the Exact Same ballpark as a Galaxy S7 using a Snapdragon 820 chip. For AnTuTu, which also examines the GPU, the rating was 143,306. The AnTuTu score sets the Mi 8 Lite at precisely the exact same league as a flagship device from 2016.
There’s a 3,350mAh battery at the Mi 8 Lite, and it is a fantastic size particularly for a device using a 6.26-inch display. It’s surely large enough to provide you all-day battery lifetime. According to my testing, then you need to receive at least six hours of screen-on time each charge. That amount increases if you don’t strenuous jobs like watching streaming movie . Keep in mind, display brightness can radically alter the battery lifetime. In case you bump up the brightness to maximum, anticipate to shave off time.
Remember way back at the times of the back camera war? Every new generation of device attempted to enhance the past: 8MP, subsequently 12MP, subsequently 16MP, etc. Things have changed since then and the Mi 8 Lite is the ideal illustration of how. It’s a 24MP front-facing camera to get selfies. On the back it has two lenses, a 12MP detector with double pixel autofocus along with 1.4μm broad pixels and another 5MP camera, only for thickness info.
The thickness camera is utilized for producing images using a bokeh effect, by simply clicking the background out and leaving the topic untouched. Like a lot of the applications aided portrait modes, it can be quite much hit or miss. If it works, it works nicely. If it fails, the results could be inconsistent.
Total the pictures are lacking in dynamic range and may appear dull. There’s yet another software suggestion — an AI mode. It utilizes colour pre-sets in accordance with the scene that is uncovered. Occasionally these may be somewhat oversaturated, but the AI style can surely attract more vibrancy to a few shots.
Ignoring the absence of OIS, the Mi 8 Lite is a competent video shooter. It may do 4K in 30fps, 1080p at 60fps, 1080p in 30fps with digital image stabilization, 1080p slow style video in 120fps, and 240fps HFR in 720p!
The 24MP selfie camera includes a few tricks such as 1.8μm broad pixels, AI picture detection, AI mild modification, and AI attractiveness style. Regrettably, it’s fixed attention, place for practically an arm’s length away.
More camera samples are found below, or you could watch the full-sized samples in this Google Drive link.
Prices and closing thoughts It includes the”Lite” tag, but it is still a competent device. The addition of a thickness camera is something we’re seeing more and more from the mid-range and it’s a welcome attribute. The Snapdragon 660 offers excellent mid-range functionality and also the battery life is great.
When the Mi 8 Lite does not tempt you, lots of additional mid-range telephones have strong chipsets and superior cameras, such as the Xiaomi Mi A2, Nokia 7.1 Plus, Honor Play, Asus Zenfone 5Z, Moto G6 Plus, or obviously the flagship spec’d Pocophone F1.
The Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite is offered in aurora blue and midnight black for approximately 270 euros (~$308) at Europe and 279 lbs from the U.K. I’ve observed it for significantly less during earnings, also. The device is not officially available from the U.S., but you may find it on Amazon.

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